Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hang In There Baby!

In the wake of a Heavy Democrat win yesterday, I have a few things to say. No, not my usual blabber about how its going to be so terrible now. Instead, I offer words of comfort. 'Hang in there baby.'
Look at it this way conservatives of the world, we get to repay in 'kind' all the lovely choice words our Socialist friends used to describe G.W. Bush. Words like, 'inept', 'stupid', 'dumb' or my personal favorite, 'ridiculous'. Thats how this place is gunna look 'my friends'. We're going to look ridiculous. Because we democratically elected a guy who IS ridiculous. I hope for the best, expect worse, and fear the worst. Just hang in there conservatives, and dont despair. We're going to need you in exactly 2 years.

Let's handicap the Socialist Party.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Spreading Lethargy Around

1:a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches
2:an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount

Ok, you all get a bonus article today, because I'm angry.

Let me ask you this, does $500.00 a year sound like any of the aforementioned definitions? I should hope not.

But, Barack Obama apparently does. Not only does he see taxing someone (anyone making...who knows how much, now) thousands and thousands of dollars so he can give individuals $500, as a good idea, he deems that WEALTH! Thats not spreading wealth. Thats spreading NOTHING. $500 isnt worth what we're giving up for it.

America, for $500, you are going to sell your Freedom to Senator Government. You will be selling your business. You will be selling your nice fancy car so the government can force you to buy a SmartCar. You will be selling Free Market Principles. You will be selling your Talk Radio. You will be selling your privacy (ask Joe 'the Plumber' Wurzelbacher) You will be selling your house-- since you will be taxed more you'll have to refinanace or move. You will be selling your healthcare. You will be selling your will to work. You will be selling your kid's will to work and go to school. You will be selling Democracy, and you will be selling America.

For $500.00 a person.

I hope you think its worth it.

Hint: It's not.

Try someone your own size Senator

Ok Senator Government. I know you want to turn this country into Europia from 1984, I do. I really do. I know you wont let anyone say anything disparaging about you, your 'friends' your family, or the people 'who you know', but not the way everyone else does. The 'Thats not the __________ I know," crowd. I know you will attack, defame, slander, libel and shame anyone who gets in your way of ruining the great things about this country. Its ok. Because I know the REAL Barack Obama. I know you dont like the fundamentals of Americanism. I know you hate Capitalism. I know you hate Market Economics. I know you hate every man and woman in the Armed service because they protect those things, and I know you hate seeing the United States of America as the greatest of all nations, when really we should be one of 280 countries all sharing the top, equally.

Well SENATOR Obama, I am here to ask you a favor. I want you to attack me instead. Just focus on me. The people out there who are bothered by it, like John McCain, and Joe 'the Plumber' Wurzlebacher are not up to playing on the dirty, shameless field you play on. They are better men than you and I. However, I am not those men, Senator. You have an open invitation to attack me in anyway you see fit for critizing your lack of judgement, logic, ability to reason and ability to lead anything (even your own campaign wasnt run by you, thanks Mr. Ayers and Mr. Axelrod). So, go ahead SENATOR. Take your best shot. Because believe me, you will get my best shot in return, and I dont play nice, and I dont promise to campaign without negativity like you CLAIMED least for awhile.

(Sorta like you said you'd take Matching Funds for your campaign..whoops.)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Enjoy it while we can--America

Should this be the snowflake that starts the avalanche I ask you to please, Enjoy America now. It wont be the same in a year.

Somethings to look forward to in the next four years-
--Less Discussion: Look for the Fairness Doctrine to be implemented on November 5th. Hope you never liked Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or the irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh, because their potency will be dimished by 'fairness' more 'fair' than a free market.
--A Terror Attack or Two: Don't mistake this one for a second. There WILL be another attack should Obama win. Heck, the Terrorists have supported Obama from the start. The guy had two Muslim fathers. Terrorists know he doesnt want to hurt them. Even if it doesn't immediately come to America, be sure Iran will only be emboldened by an Obama victory. I mean, even if Mahmoud does destroy Israel, His Majesty (No longer Mr. President, this guy is a gift from On High) will still sit down and chat with the Iranians, while Israel burns.
--Unemployment Spikes: Barack's unexplainable denial of simple Economic rules will only lead to one of the largest spikes in Unemployment in history. Given the problems with the economy already in place, the tax hikes on businesses will only lead to those businesses increasing prices and laying off workers. These price increases will decrease the buying power of the American dollar (the same way increasing the minimum wage does) and everyone is less wealthy. Giving a 'tax cut' to the middle class will only make them worse off.
--Free Healthcare!: Yay for everyone! You get covered..maybe. (See previous Post)
--Worse Economic Times: Asw has been mentioned, the 'Economic idea', I hesitate to use the term 'plan' when referencing His Majesty, is a flawed one. Fundamentally flawed for a Market Economy, and will only serve to reduce the wealth of America and her people. Restricting the Market, Censoring debate, and implementing Socialized Programs lead to only one thing.
--Bring on the Socialism!: I love me a good cup'o'socialized coffee when I wake up in the morning. Hey, it IS a cup of coffee, and everyone has it, but its the same crappy cup of coffee for everyone. I just LOVE that idea dont you. Worked great for Eastern Europe.
--Free Sympathy: There's plenty to go around in an Obama administration. Any problem you have... Big Government will fix it for you, and your neighbor..despite his not needing it. I mean ANY problem. Big Obama Government and Big Harry Reid and Big Pelosi will deal with it for you. All you have to do is take their hand.
--No More Republicans: After the Censoring is over, there wont be any. "There are Republicans?" What?! Where?! Thus, no more opposition, no knew regimes, Say Hello to Big Brother and George Orwell.
--High Gas Prices: We already said he's going to tax businesses more, and we all know businesses dont pay taxes, they just pass them on to us. + The Mid East knows they can get away with it because Obama wont drill for fear of an Oil Spill that hasnt happened in over 20 years and might kill a seagull.
Cooler Air: Hasnt it been hard to breathe lately? All this CO2 in the air? I cant catch my breath. As a matter of fact it is 1,000 degrees utside right now. All because America uses oil to power their cars. Gimme a break.
--Dark Times: And here my Fantasy mind can roam. The clouds will loom dark on the horizon, filled with storms born of evil times, (not made by a warmer earth though, we all drive Prius's..or should we call it a Pious?) and the sun will bake the earth in its enmity. And our savior will be all that stands between us and annihilation, ready to lower the rise of the oceans and heal this planet, and all of its wickedness and unfairness. Will he take up the cup of Fate? or will he fall under the weight of that which lay solely on his shoulders? For that is what we have been made to believe, and that is the rubrict that we shall use to measure our great savior, brought to us in the times of greatest need.

You have got to be kidding me. Did you beleive that paragraph? Really? Some of that is a quote from His Majesty's Nomination Speech. I'm not kidding, we're headed for some difficult times. Junior isnt ready, and can't be ready.

Monday, September 1, 2008

No Stomach, No Guts, no Cahones

I find it personally difficult to understand this country lately. Many in this country, it seems, no longer have the stomach to fight the good fight. We don't even seem to want to win one for the Gipper.

With the threat from the Middle East, we seemed willing if a bit reserved, to fight. They want to destroy us, remember? They want all the Infidels killed for the sake of Allah and the glory of Islam. That grates on Americans, but apparently, not enough to fight to win.

What is worse, is that in recent weeks, a Good ol'Bad Guy from our past seems to have surfaced once again. The old Red Soviets. Who didnt like the old Bond movies of the past, where Sean Connery karate chopped Reds left and right? I did, but you can say so long to that idea. America doesnt WANT to karate chop ANYONE. They want to play patty-cake in the sand box, then put their thumbs in their mouths and go to sleep.

Where is the courage? Where is the willingness to do what needs to be done? The Liberals in this country would have us close our eyes to these threats, and I'm talking about the MODERATE Liberals, dont even get me started on His Majesty. Vladimir Putin and the Radical Fundamental Muslims out there pose a significant threat to the security of the United States byu themselves. Now with both of them pressing us, combined with the complete lack of interest in doing something about it, I fear for our security. This country is on the verge of electing a President who cares not for these dangers. He doesnt even acknowledge them as viable threats. They are simply there. He is so blind in his lust for the White House, so single minded in his quest that when he DOES (if he does) wake up to the fact that he is responsible for our safety, it might very well be too late.

Our enemies are closing the distance, and our presumptive President has no plan, no grit, no backbone and no courage to do the right thing. Yes its hard. But being the President is about more than making history, its also about protecting history and all the things that we as a people hold dear. This country can ill afford a President unwilling, unable and undetermined to stand up to those who would seek to punish and destroy us.

This country needs leadership, it needs strength and it needs someone with the courage and determination to stand up to our enemies, with the foresight to win it all. If that means John McCain then so be it, but it is certainly not Barack Obama, the man with no plan.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doctors of the World UNITE!

This post is a departure from the usual railing against His Highness, the infallible Barack Hussein Obama. Instead, today I will be discussing the idea of national Healthcare system, and what I see as the future of America, should it be enacted via the Federal Government (Obama).

First, a universal Healthcare system is similar to that of Europe. One where doctors, surgeons and veterinarians are all employees of the Federal Government instead of being in business for themselves. What does this do, you ask? Well, the 'bright' side of this is that EVERYONE is covered for Healthcare, and the Government, not you, pays the bill. Now, fellow conservatives, I know you think I miss represented National Healthcare there, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise for those who don't yet know.

It sounds great right? Well, if you think so, you unfortunately fall into a large group of people mislead by the media and liberal politicians. Let me dispel some of the rumors.

First Rumor: I don't have to pay for Healthcare anymore, the Government pays for my doctor.
-the government does not pay the bill. Just like businesses don't pay taxes, the government passes the expenses to the consumer, meaning you and me. They do this by...increasing taxes, which we all know means the economy suffers (More Taxes = Worse Economy- increased unemployment, decreased productivity, decreased consumer purchasing etc.). The point is, you still pay for Healthcare...only now, they call it paying Taxes...and instead of just paying you for, you pay for the 80 year old smoker next door too. THATS the point.

Second Rumor: More people in the country are able to be seen by doctors if they don't have to pay for it, especially the poor.
It is actually more likely that less people will be seen. Think of it this way. Imagine a Jaguar car Dealership all of a sudden says, 'We're giving away free cars today,' no doubt they will be stormed by people who need a car and are too poor to buy one. But they will also be stormed by everyone else, and eventually, they're going to RUN OUT OF CARS. In the case of Doctors, this means they will simply run out of time. They can't see everyone. Everyone will rush to them as soon as they cough or sneeze, and doctors waiting rooms will be packed to overflowing within the first day. Why not? You don't have to pay for it. What does this lead to? It leads to waiting lists, and long lines (Europe). If you have the flu, and you have to wait for a month to see the doctor, because someone with the sniffles or a scraped up knee is ahead of you, you're either going to be healthy again before its your turn, or you'll just be dead.
Here's the point: What Americans really want is CHEAPER Healthcare, not free Healthcare. Does it cost too much to get a stitch put on your arm? Sure. But does that mean we have to run out and tell the doctor, now you have to do it pro-bono, and the Government will mail you the check?

Now, it's time for my Nostradamus moment. I will predict the future should we adopt a National Healthcare system the way Barack Obama wants (I will simultaneously explain why Liberals don't think things through, watch!).

Ok, let's say that tomorrow the Federal Government implements 'Operation Long Lines' (National Healthcare). This means that the Doctor you went to is now a Federal Employee. Now, in order to ensure that the Government doesn't indeed have to Tax you to Death, they give Doctors a salary instead of paying them per patient (I am assuming-and hoping, someone realizes that the government can't pay for each customer one by one nation wide). So, lets take the average Government Salary, say $65,000 a year. Ok, so now your doctor has taken a pay cut of approximately $200,000 at least (this is an example, calm down, it could be and would be more). So, this means that your Doctor has now gone to school for ten years, has been broke for ten years, and is around $150,000 in debt. This also means that your Doctor will NEVER get out of debt. Which means, your doctor will probably not be in a good mood the day after Obama wins. So, I ask you, what incentive is there for the Doctor to work hard or be good at his job? Clue: There isn't any. He gets the same check whether he cures Cancer or if he chops the wrong leg off.

This also means that your doctor gets to retire much earlier. The Government kicks you out at 57-60 years old, and you get a comfy pension too. This takes and will take its toll on younger doctors as they don't have very seasoned doctors who are a little older but who have seen it all.

That next generation of Doctors is going to be a seriously flawed group of individuals. They would have to be absolutely dense (not the kind of doctor I want cutting me open) to want to be a Federal Doctor. Who would go to school for ten years and accumulate $150,000 of debt of which you could never climb out, just to be a doctor? A fool! I know I wouldn't. Doctors will no longer be the cream of the crop, they will be the exact opposite. They will be the coddled ones, who struggled through college that want a cushy, no hassle job. (Thats what it will be if Being a Doctor becomes a Federal one that isn't. And don't you dare say Social Security) Doctors are paid well, and are rich BECAUSE they worked so hard, because they have talent, because they studied and can do something difficult. Kobe Bryant makes millions because he's better at Basketball than I am- so too Doctors.
Whats worse, is that so far I have ignored the fact that the number of people WANTING to be doctors will diminish drastically. Which, if you were paying attention above will lead to EVEN LONGER LINES!! Yay!!!
Here's the point: Less Doctors--Less Good Doctors, will lead to more mistakes, which means the appointment takes even LONGER and Less doctors also mean more people have to go to what doctors there are, which in turn means you and I have to wait longer to see our crappy doctor.

I can't wait for Free Healthcare. It's gunna be big. (Any and all puns intended)

As an aside, I hope the Doctors of America don't let this happen. There are several things they can do initially to push back at the Federal Government at least until Barack and his cronies make more and more illegal (hooray Big Brother).

One of the things they can do it Unionize.. BOOOO! Don't do that.

Another thing they can do is continue to charge people. They can pocket the check the government gives them and treat a few people that way, and basically treat people who want to pay more. Treat those people better, faster, and prescribe better drugs for them. FORCE a market economy on the Medical field by saying. I guess I'll treat those who don't want to pay me. But if you want to pay a little more, you can get the Deluxe Treatment which comes with me actually caring about you and me doing a good job.
This idea will be quickly squashed by the Socialist Party (Liberals) but it might just take long enough to show Americans the old way was not so bad after all.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Bump for the "I'm the President" tour

Barack Hussein Obama had a fun little trip to Europe. Don't we all wish we could use federal money to tour the world for no good reason other than I feel like it? I know I do. Barack Obama did exatly that. He toured the Middle East and Europe, which did little for his campaign according to the polls, which show absolutely no improvement in his numbers, and if anything, he LOST ground. America tends not to like a candidate who gets in front of 200,000 Germans that are screaming and cheering. History has shown thats not a good plan.

Obama's trip to the Mid East showed AMERICA that the Israeli's dont really trust a guy with the middle name Hussein, one who has shown a curious flexibility concerning Israeli security depending on who he was talking to at the time. It also showed that the Islamic Middle East, especially Iran is in LOVE with Obama. They couldn't be happier if he won.

As far as the Europe part of the trip went, Barack stopped off in Germany and France, two countries that recently elected Pro-American, Pro-Bush Presidents. Once again, this may not have been the best plan. John Kerry tried this same tactic four years ago, and that got him all the way to second place. We can only hope this trip incures the same result.

It is in the opinion of this commentator that, Obama's lack of a 'points' increase is in no small part due to the fact that he BLEW OFF MEETING WITH INJURED AMERICAN TROOPS IN ORDER TO WORK OUT. Now, I know that sounds like I am embellishing. I am not. Barack Obama did not meet with our troops because he wanted to exercise before his big speech to 200,000 screaming Germans (who incidentally can't vote for him).

He does this, then has the gall to ask why Americans are not screaming like wild Germans to vote for him? Please excuse me if I am not impressed by his so called 'Patriotism'. I think he could have spared half an hour to shake the hands of injured soldiers who are coincidentally fighting for his ability to travel to the Mid East and Europe. Show some respect MR. SENATOR.